Mark Chadwick 25 Years of the Levellers


Photo Christian Banfield

To tell the story (or even a story) of The Levellers – who last year celebrated their 25th Anniversary – is not a simple affair. Not simple at all. The Levellers, who many people have dismissed over the years as a bunch of squatty ‘crusties’, have proved to be highly resilient and resourceful, have held on to their beliefs and roots, have sustained a substantial loyal audience, have their own recording and rehearsal studios, have been running their own successful ‘Beautiful Days’ festival in Devon for 12 years, and are all still talking to each other. They scored six gold records and were, at several points, one of the biggest live bands in Britain – all this without any, or very little, media support. They have also fairly recently been the recipients of a Radio 2 Folk Award; yet lesser bands have been lauded a lot louder by the music press and feted in the culture pages of the national press.

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