Groovy Lewes


Oral history of the Lewes music scene of the late 60s, early 70s.

“There were an extraordinary group of people playing in Lewes bands around the late ‘60s/early ‘70s, all springing from pupils at the Grammar/Priory school. It was a real hotbed atmosphere. So many bands were around in Lewes at the time that I was thinking about compiling a Lewes rock-and-roll family tree There was a genuinely exceptional music scene which produced a lot of success stories from such a small, intense group of musicians.” John Eccles [The Rouser], Sussex Express, June 2000

These quotes come from an interview with the late John Whippy – one of the most talented and best-loved musicians on the scene he describes. He never did get round to compiling the rock family tree but we have inherited the task and, over several months, with the generous help and local knowledge of Flo Flowers, we have spent what must be hundreds of hours conducting interviews, doing research and pulling together photos and memorabilia from this period to bring you some sense of the atmosphere of this interesting time in Lewes’ musical history.

One thought on “Groovy Lewes

  1. Alan Terrill
    November 23, 2014 at 10:21 pm

    I’ve just read issue four and it was a great nostalgic read. I was at Priory School in the period 1965-1972 and most of those mentioned here (Keith Morley, Phil Langran, Pete Davies, Steve Wood, Denis Reeve-Baker) were in the same year as me and were my friends. I had my own band called Pigling Bland, later Platypus, who existed from 1969-72 and played a few gigs at the school. The band consisted of myself on guitar, Chis Smith on violin and Nigel Higgs on guitar, later joined by Claire Morton on stylophone and electronics. We were all instrumental and played covers of Pink Floyd, East of Eden and Soft Machine numbers. None of us went on to become famous.

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