Duncan Disorderly

duncan_749px‘Music has the power to change someone’s day for the better. When people are really loving what they do and putting their energy into it, they are sharing something positive with the world. You can feel that energy when you hear them play.’

Based in Lewes since 2012, Duncan and his current band The Scallywags – featuring Duncan (guitar), Sara Hendrix (mandolin), Gus Dolding (gypsy guitar), Robin May (bass), Finbar Babushka (percussion) with Matt Dugdale, their sound engineer – created their own studio on the Phoenix estate and recorded their first album there which was issued on their own Good Times label. They’ve had a busy summer on the festival circuit spreading the good vibrations and living the alternative lifestyle. Chief Scallywag Duncan treated the LME to toasted cheese sandwiches and tea and regaled us with a long ramble through his life and times.

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